$1,000 Halo Infinite football helmet and Master Chief-inspired ice hockey goalie pads revealed

Microsoft is working with sports companies Riddell and Bauer for limited-edition gear inspired by Halo Infinite. Starting with Riddell, the company has created a limited-edition football helmet inspired by Master Chief’s green and gold Mjolnir armor.

The helmet costs $1,000, and it’s for display only — Riddell doesn’t recommend using it to play football. Each was hand-drawn using a “multi-step painting technique,” the company said.

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The Master Chief’s number 117 is printed on the sides, while there is a 20 year anniversary decal on the back. “Additional upgrades include a special SF-2EG-TX SpeedFlex face shield, a black conversion kit that includes black parts, face shield clips, front and rear bumpers, straps and caps. custom painted valves, and a black hard cup The look is completed with an Oakley Pro Shield in Prizm 24k Iridium that closely mimics Master Chief’s helmet visor,” Riddell said.

If you have another $1,000 burning a hole in your pocket, head over to the Riddell website to order yours.

The $1000 Master Chief Helmet


As for the other collaboration, Bauer Hockey offers a truly unique set of goalie pads and masks inspired by Master Chief. Check it out below – the winner also gets an Xbox Series X console.

Halo Infinite is available now for Xbox, PC, and streaming. For more, check out GameSpot’s Halo Infinite review for the campaign.

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