A gunman in protective gear killed 2 civilians and injured 2 Phoenix officers

PHOENIX – Two Phoenix police officers were injured and two civilians were killed in a shooting Sunday night near 27th Avenue and Deer Valley Road.

Officials at the scene Sunday night told ABC15 the incident was considered an active shooter situation.

A Phoenix police spokesperson said the incident began when a man wearing tactical-type gear walked out of an area hotel. The man, apparently armed with a semi-automatic rifle, began shooting into the hotel.

He would wear a ballistic vest with steel plates on the front and back, a ballistic helmet, a gas mask, knee pads, and several magazines for the rifle.

On Monday, police identified the suspect as 24-year-old Isaiah Steven Williams.

Around this time, a vehicle with a man and a woman inside pulled up in the parking lot and the man fired into the vehicle, killing both occupants.

Police identified the slain man as Misael Arevalo, 36, and the slain woman as Karla Garzona, 44.

Williams also allegedly attempted to light a Molotov cocktail and throw it at a nearby business, but it did not ignite.

When officers arrived, police said they were greeted by a “burst of gunfire” and exchanged gunfire with the gunman.

Two officers were injured – one was shot and the other was hit by shrapnel in several parts of his body and face – and both were taken to hospital for treatment. Both have since been released and are believed to be recovering.

Four fully marked police patrol vehicles were also damaged by gunfire.

Williams was ultimately found dead at the scene with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to Phoenix police.

According to police, surveillance video showed the man crossing the parking lot before collapsing.

Three other men who were at the scene were treated for non-life-threatening injuries. At this time, police believe these victims were injured during the chaos before officers arrived.

“This is a very complex scene with dozens of people to interview,” Phoenix police said in a tweet.

It is not yet known what caused the shooter to become violent.

Arizona Department of Transportation camera footage showed a large police presence blocking the area’s normally busy intersection.

Deer Valley Road, from the Interstate 17 overpass to 27th Avenue, was closed for hours during the investigation, but has since reopened.

Justin Aragon says he moved north of Phoenix to get away from exactly what happened just a few hundred yards from his home.

“When evil wants to come out and hurt people, it comes out anywhere, anytime by anyone,” said Aragon, who lives in the RV park supporting the shooting.

Chaz Lynn was around and says he’s lucky to be alive.

“It was pretty wild because it felt like the bullets were hitting close to me,” Lynn said.

He was one of several witnesses who said they heard rapid gunfire for about 15 minutes.

“Really just take each day like it might be your last,” Lynn said.

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