A man shows why it is important to wear protective equipment when using tools

One man reminded people around the world why personal protective equipment is needed when working with power tools.

Matthew Peters was using a regular angle grinder on what looked like a job site when he nearly ran into his maker.

A piece of the grinder broke off the tool and threw itself full speed into the guy’s face.

Luckily for Matt, he was wearing a standard mask that covered his eyes and face and the piece of metal got lodged in the piece of PPE.

He uploaded the outrageous images to TikTok and they went absolutely viral. He’s been seen by over 47 million people around the world and everyone is happy that Matt avoided that close shave with death.

Someone on TikTok suggested Matt buy a lottery ticket considering how lucky he was to survive. Others couldn’t even believe it could happen and nicknamed him very ‘Final destination vibrations’.

One person wrote: “When I started welding they showed us a bunch of pictures of people not wearing PPE during an incident like this and the result was gnarly.”

Another added: “I would change my career path immediately.”

Credit: maxskippower / TikTok

However, many people questioned if this was real and pointed out that Matt should have used the equipment strangely for the broken disc to trigger like this.

One viewer said, “That cheap plastic shield would never stop that wheel. It would’ve gone through your head and kept going! Good try though.”

Another user suggested, “Impossible with the shield and with the angle and side it is on. Plus, that thin plastic wouldn’t stop it even if it did. And two different sized discs.”

Matt hit back at some of the enemies and insisted that it really happened and that they couldn’t say everything from the short clip.

He jokingly asked if critics would have preferred the broken record lodged in his face so that it could be more “real”.

Either way, it’s a good reminder to always wear PPE when using power tools because you never know what might happen.

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