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Boxing Stars, the 4:33 boxing game has announced a new expansion of League 22 in its League mode. To be promoted to Ligue 11, players will need to reach 8,000 points. League 10 achievement rewards and Star Point progression rewards will also be adjusted to lower requirements.

The referral system has been refurbished and received major improvements. A whole new user interface has been implemented for the referral system, making it look much newer and fresher. The maximum sponsor level the player can have has also been increased. This will help you receive more perks like HP recovery and increased attack skills.

Boxers will also have the option of purchasing six new protective gear for themselves. These can be obtained by two methods:

  1. By purchasing equipment through the in-game store catalog
  2. 2. Open a victory package to receive the new protective gear.

The equipment, known as Potential Cyber ​​Protection Gear, will be available during an event until September 9 at 00:00 UTC. During this time, the levels required to unlock the potential powers of the Cyber ​​Mouthguard Set and Cyber ​​Protector Set will be lowered.

You also don’t need to play to receive rewards. Players can literally receive in-game items by simply accessing the game on a daily basis. Daily rewards include Gym Points, Gold, and the Omega Hand of God Box. Another little bonus that you can get by entering the game is the ability to snag 3rd anniversary character costumes. So, don’t forget to log into the game!

4:33 also fixed some of the issues that affected gameplay. Fixed an issue where the ASTRO Omega Box was not received in the inbox after earning it, an issue where the cost of S-Coin was not showing for the Daily Mission Reset button a been corrected and the “show ad” button for resetting SWANK Entourage daily missions has been removed.

Download Boxing Star for free on the IOS App Store and Google play store.

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