Chanel West Coast Twerks in Glitter Shorts and Football Helmet

Chanel West Coast took advantage of the increased interest in football that occurs every Sunday by promoting her new music video for “40 Yard Dash” on December 27.

The 32-year-old recording artist shared a teaser clip for the video on his Instagram page, and it included many nods to one of America’s favorite sports. In a few scenes, Chanel rocked her own racy version of a football uniform. Her all-black athletic ensemble featured high-waisted shorts that showed off her shapely bottom. The stockings featured a few white accents, including stripes on the sides and a crisscrossed drawstring on the front.

All the parts that the Ridiculous The stars worn were studded with sparkling rhinestones throughout. Her matching bra top featured revealing demi-cups and white stripes that traced their curved shape. Over it, she wore a small swimsuit with the number “40” engraved on the front. It was cut so short that it left his whole chest exposed.

She paid attention to detail, adding a pair of knee pads and a silver helmet to her look. The latter was topped with a long blonde ponytail. The tips of the thick hairpiece reached her peach-colored bottom. Instead of a pair of spikes, Chanel wore towering transparent shoes over her knee high socks. His shoes had high spiked heels and a transparent toe platform.

She showed off her dance moves on a few different sets, including one designed to look like the green grass of a football field, with hash marks. She dropped it and twerked in slow motion as the “40 Yard Dash” audio played.

Chanel got her own “CWC” logo, designed to resemble the iconic NFL shield emblem. She spoofed the intro graphics of network players with her own, which identified her as a member of the Los Angeles Superstars.

Chanel also rocked a sassy striped referee costume while dancing with a group of backup dancers dressed in their own athletic outfits. The women continued to show off their sexy moves on a locker room set. A third filming location was illuminated with fixtures designed to resemble large stadium lights.

Chanel’s Instagram followers have given the rapper’s latest video and song many rave reviews, and her appearance has caught the attention of her admirers as well.

“I love what you do,” wrote one fan.

“This song slaps,” reads another comment.

“You are a smoke show baby !!! So hot !!” a third spectator sprang up.

While Chanel fans might like watching her shake her booty, she can impress them just by standing still. A photo of the singer wearing a white turtleneck recently sparked similar enthusiasm.

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