College Football Helmet Stickers on Ohio State Helmets Explained

Ohio State Football Helmet Stickers are an integral part of the Buckeyes’ uniform tradition. What do the college football helmet stickers mean?

Ohio State football games are usually a spectacle, whether it’s at the Horseshoe or the Big House.

The colors and stripes of their jerseys are instantly recognizable. Their helmets too.

You can’t miss the stickers that climb up the back of the helmet, getting higher and higher as the season progresses. What are they and what are they used for?

What are the stickers on Ohio State helmets?

The image on the stickers is actually a buckeye leaf. According to Eleven Warriors, the original stickers were designed in 1950 by Milton Caniff, a comic book artist.

How do players earn Ohio State helmet stickers?

The stickers were originally awarded for the big games. Now there is more than one formula.

Each player receives one sticker for a victory, two stickers for a conference victory and three stickers for a victory over Michigan, by Eleven Warriors. These add up throughout the season, assuming the Buckeyes win games.

They also receive stickers for individual achievements, which is why some players have their helmets covered from front to back and some do not.

Jim Tressell awarded stickers for the unit’s performance. However, it’s unclear exactly how Ryan Day chooses to distribute the stickers. All we know is that they remain a distinct part of the identity of the state of Ohio.

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