Columbia Make-A-Wish recipient’s football jersey is stolen


Keegan Hartman, a University of Missouri student and 2018 Make-A-Wish recipient, tries to track down the person who stole his official custom Mizzou football jersey and other items.

Hartman said two weeks ago that an unknown suspect broke into his townhouse in the 300 block of Brookside Lane. He said he and his roommate believed the suspect or suspects snuck out the back door and began stealing their expensive items.

Hartman says he was robbed of numerous high-priced Jordan sneakers, audio equipment and a game-worn LeBron James warm-up jacket and his Mizzou jerseys. Hartman has an immune system disorder called XLA which gave him a Make-A-Wish opportunity.

In 2018, Hartman received his custom jersey through his Make-A-Wish opportunity. The jersey has Hartman on the back and the year he graduated from high school.

Hartman also toured the Nike campus and had the chance to meet American Nike football uniform designer Todd Van Horn and former Nike CEO Mark Parker on this occasion.

Hartman said he wanted to have renters insurance to cover his belongings and this burglary showed him how important that is. He says he’s ok with not getting his sneakers and audio gear back, but he wants his jersey back.

“The shoes that you can salvage, you can salvage them over time and salvage them over time. Really what I want to replace is the jersey. The jersey has my name on it. is something that cannot be replaced,” Hartmann said.

Hartman says he filed a police report with the Columbia Police Department but hasn’t had any luck finding his jersey yet. From now on, Hartman’s uncle has set up a gofundme account to help raise funds to purchase new items.

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