Expert relocates bee colony without wearing protective gear, watch video

From Facebook to Instagram, users often come across videos of cats and dogs. This time, expert Erika Thompson shared a video on a photo-sharing app in which she moved a huge beehive without wearing any protective gear that surprised netizens. Since its sharing, the video has sparked reactions from Internet users. Users praised Erika Thompson’s skills,

Expert relocated bee colony

The video was shared by beekeeper Erika Thompson on her Instagram account and the video went viral. In the video, Thompson, who is a master beekeeper, approached the hive without any protective gear. She moves the bees without hurting herself or getting stung. Thompson shared the post with the caption who described the bee colony living in a garden shed for about two years. The mail then mentioned that the owner wanted to call an exterminator but that the family living there decided to call him. Take a look at the post.

Since its sharing, the video has recorded more than 97,000 views and accumulated tons of comments from internet users. One user wrote: “Love this video and appreciate you making sure the bees are safe.” “It’s just amazing what you are doing !!! Thank you !!” commented another person. Another internet user wrote: “You are saving our ecosystem”.

the bees
the bees

Eagle protected his eggs during snowfall

An adorable post showing an eagle’s love for its eggs left internet users in awe. The photos were shared in a Facebook post featuring a bald eagle mom named Jackie who kept her eggs warm during snowfall. The photos were uploaded by Friends of Big Bear Valley and Big Bear Eagle Nest Cam, the post consists of several photos showing the eagle mom named Jackie and her partner Shadow taking care of their eggs amid the snowfall.

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