Former Bronco David Bruton Jr. switches from football helmet to bicycle helmet

PARKER, Colo. (KDVR) — Broncos fans are used to seeing David Bruton Jr. in football gear, but these days you’ll find him in a different kind of helmet.

“I started riding my (road) bike while I was still here with the Broncos,” said Bruton, who was the special teams captain for the Broncos’ Super Bowl 50 championship team. “I rode to condition my legs and take out some of that soreness after the game.”

Now he pedals to stay in shape, averaging more than 150 miles a week. But these workouts are also a way to keep the pace of the competition going – “especially if I see someone on the track and try to set myself a goal to get up to their tail and overtake them. at some point,” Bruton said with a smile.

Bruton completed a 100-mile bike race in August. His crowning achievement was twice conquering Colorado’s famous Copper Trail, a grueling 79-mile loop that features three mountain passes and a total elevation gain of 6,500 feet.

“This journey is difficult. It’s a lot of climbing. There is no real warm-up. Once you get on the bike, you go up Copper Hill to Leadville,” Bruton said.

With football behind him, Bruton said he’s never been busier, but he’s not just spinning his wheels.

Since retiring five years ago, he has been pursuing a doctorate in physical therapy at the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus. He used the bike to follow the lessons.

“There is a direct correlation between aerobic fitness and knowledge retention. I think it’s beneficial for me,” Bruton said. “I hope this helps me remember some of the information that got lost along the way.”

After passing the national physiotherapy exam, the 34-year-old hopes to open his own private practice. It’s a safe bet that cycling will be part of the rehabilitation of patients and the road to recovery.

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