Goal! 4 streetwear designers reinvent the Nike football jersey for women

The Kocher dress and matching bra, crafted from the sportswear brand’s technical fabrics, are a must-have thanks to their ease and energy. “I created this dress by reconstituting the football jersey around the female body, adding very feminine elements, such as lace, with sporting codes”, explains the Parisian designer.


“The idea was to give a feeling of movement and positive energy,” she adds of the design worn by French footballer Marie-Antoinette Katoto. “It’s a dress that can be worn by a girl playing, dancing or moving around the city.”

Erin Magee from MadeMe


Working with the United States Women’s National Football Team (USWNT) crest was central to New York-based Magee’s design. “My first thought was that I wanted this jersey to be sport first, then fashion. It is meant to celebrate the incredible victorious history of the USWNT, drawing attention to the woman of the same name from the iconic sportswear company itself: Nike, Goddess of Victory. “


As seen on American footballer Mallory Pugh, the jersey is based on the field-ready silhouette we all know and recognize, while Nike’s Classic Swoosh bra provided additional inspiration with both pieces being made. from Nike’s signature Dri-FIT technology. “It’s a jersey that can be worn on and off the pitch; it is true to sport and function. And this is the first time that MadeMe has designed a piece that can be taken to the highest level of play. ”

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