Helmet and protective gear save motorcyclist’s life


MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – When Justin Peterson put on his helmet and other protective gear before setting off on his motorcycle on the afternoon of August 31, he never thought it could save his life That day.

The Marshfield resident was heading north on County T Road just outside of Marshfield when a deer ran out in front of his motorbike.

Peterson cut the back of the deer with his front tire sending his motorcycle to the ground. He was traveling at about 100 km / h at the time of the accident.

Peterson, who wears a helmet and jacket with ear pads every time he rides, said the next thing he remembered was the ambulance ride that followed. Luckily for him, his helmet and protective jacket bore the brunt of the accident. Despite skids on the pavement, the only injuries he sustained were bumps, bruises and rashes.

Peterson’s story talks about the importance of wearing your protective gear when riding a motorcycle.

According to the Wisconsin DMV, the state already has nine more motorcycle deaths in 2021 than last year.

Peterson said he hoped his story would help cyclists understand that wearing a helmet could save their life.

“It’s up to everyone to choose how they want to ride,” said Peterson. “I would just tell them to think about their family, tell them my story and show them pictures of my helmet. I firmly believe that without it I would not be here.

Peterson’s story, while frightening, could have been much worse without the proper safety gear.

“I hope this opens some people’s eyes.”

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