It’s a freight train with shoulder pads

Dean of Leavenworth, IN

Sleep was improving, food was better, the sun was brighter, and the November air smelled fresher. Now rinse and repeat please. GPG.

A credit to those coaches and players, the Packers looked at adversity and said, “No. Not this time.” The Pack is back in the win column. Good morning!

Michelle from Ringgold, Georgia

What does the Packers’ OT win over Dallas mean?

It means they’ve dug deep to earn a serious win – and the grit grows if you water it. But now it’s Tuesday…which really feels more like a Friday…which means it’s almost Sunday…which is Thursday this week. Everyone can rest on Saturday… which is always Saturday. Either way, there’s still a lot to be gained.

Nathan from Salt Lake City, UT

On Sunday, for the first time, Aaron Rodgers looked like Aaron Rodgers. Do you think he can replicate that enough to take us to the playoffs?

Aaron Rodgers will be 39 in a few weeks. At some point, I imagine people will stop writing it off…or they won’t. Either way, the answer to your question is a resounding yes. Matt LaFleur himself called Sunday the best game of the year for Rodgers.

Reardon from La Crosse, WI

Insiders, some tipsters have questioned Aaron Rodgers’ willingness to win instead of the Packers’ losing streak. I say they should take a look at the block he put on Donavan Wilson in OT that got Aaron Jones some extra critical yards and tell me if A-Rod has lost his competitive mojo. I look forward to reading your thoughts.

Again, I think the narrative is ridiculous. No one wants it more than Aaron Rodgers. Already.

Jim from St. Pete Beach, Florida

Hi Wes! I was watching the game in a bar in New York, and during overtime, I couldn’t help but scream “that’s a fucking AWESOME Rodgers block” (except I didn’t say creepy ). What went through your mind when you saw this live?

It was great to see AR under center more often than not. It certainly seemed to open up the game after establishing the running game. I hope it continues!

I’m sure it will be a topic of conversation again this afternoon when he is available in the locker room. Hopefully Rodgers’ thumb continues to improve and the snap increase below center becomes even more viable. As good as the Packers lack shotgun, everything seemed more in tune with offense in more traditional sets. It also makes weekly game plans less predictable.

Insiders, I sat about 50 feet off the Titans bench when they played the Chiefs last Sunday night. Derrick Henry is a beast! DBs were making the business decision to fall close to him rather than take him head-on. I don’t blame them. I can’t compare him to anyone else. Can you?

It’s a freight train with shoulder pads. Or as Joe Barry put it on Monday, Henry “looks like Preston Smith when he breaks caucus.” Defenses need to have a tackling plan because Henry is just too human to be brought down with solo tackles. Hats off to the ball for 60 minutes.

Mike, Wes, God, whoever: What do the Packers need to do on offense this Thursday to get a winning streak? I think we all know the answer when it comes to defence.

Run the ball well against a formidable front and create manageable third-party situations. Tennessee’s defense is an enigma. He is second against the run (85.1 yards per game) and leads the third defense (27.9%), but 31st against the pass (272.6 ypg) and last in the fourth defense (82.4%). ). I think Sunday showed how a regular presence can prepare the passing game for explosive opportunities. The Packers need to keep beating that offensive drum.

Did you have a favorite game from the game? Mine was the block Aaron Rodgers threw at Donovan Wilson. It was awesome!

Christian Watson’s first touchdown, which was the Packers’ longest offensive play of the season. I just feel like an explosive play like this can go a long way for an offense, not to mention be a tremendous confidence boost for a rookie receiver. We’ve only had a handful of opportunities to watch Watson during camp due to injuries, but he was a fixture in football every day he was on the pitch – as you saw on Sunday.

Rob from Panama City Beach, Florida

Well, well, throw the ball effectively and stop the run. Mix in some huge plays, two turnovers and bring the Titans on a cold winter night!

This plan worked quite well 23 months ago in Lambeau. Ask AJ Dillon.

Hello Wes. Would it be a good thing to play the next game over a short week? I tend to think it might be beneficial to keep the momentum going.

I don’t think there’s ever a good reason to play in a short week, but I certainly like the outlook better for the Packers coming off an uplifting victory of this magnitude.

Christopher from Frederick, MD

Just want to thank the great Matt LaFleur for sticking to the game plan of running the ball, even when he’s down 14, in the fourth. This is, for me, the reason why Green Bay won the match, even more than Christian Watson and Rudy Ford.

The Packers looked alike again. Allen Lazard even said after the game that his quick overtime tilt probably wouldn’t work if the Packers don’t run the ball as well as they did in regulation. Things looked the way they were meant to look.

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