Knoxville Police Receive Donation for Protective Gear | Radio KNIA KRLS

Knoxville Police Receive Donation for Protective Gear | KNIA KRLS Radio – The One You Can Count On

On Wednesday, the Knoxville Police Department received a donation of $14,225.00 from 100 Plus Men Red Rock. Knoxville Police Chief Aaron Fuller spoke to KNIA/KRLS News about the donation.

“A few months ago a gentleman by the name of Kent Reed contacted me and told me about his group 100 Plus Men on a Mission and asked if there was anything the police department had I told him we needed funds for ballistic helmets and ballistic shields on hold I attended two of their quarterly meetings and the first time we did not receive the grant but the second times we have received it. It is a significant amount and it will be used to purchase helmets and ballast shields for our department.

For more information on 100 Plus Men Red Rock, click here.


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