Laura’s Jayden Shakes Rust as Cougars Tie Shoulder Pads: Notes and Observations from Day 3 from Camp Washington State | Soccer

Cammon Cooper completed 5 of 7 assists and didn’t have as many opportunities on Monday as real freshman Xavier Ward spent more time working with the team’s first and second offense. The change is unlikely to reflect Cooper’s play on Days One and Two – he was the most consistent flagman on Saturday – and it’s possible Laura and / or Guarantano will take fewer shots in future practice, so stay tuned. listening.

Three great games

1. We mentioned it earlier, but Laura’s deep strike against Ollie was easily the game of the day, and maybe the camp’s game, at this point. De Laura went through each of his reads, giving Ollie time to come down the field and create enough separation, then found himself and threw a strong, high arc ball that only the receiver could hit. Ollie lay down, shooting the ball into his chest as he dove to the ground to complete the long touchdown.

2. De Laura avoided throwing an interception on his third return practice, but was almost eliminated in 7v7. Linebacker Travion Brown, who mainly worked with the first team defense, jumped a oblique route and stood up to put both hands on the ball before watching it fall onto the grass.

3. Oywak showed strong recognition skills and better hands when he intercepted Guarantano in the 7v7 drill. The Seattle cornerback maneuvered to midfield and sat right behind. Ollie when Guarantano’s pass flew to the outside receiver, who couldn’t retrieve the stray ball, knocking it over and watching it fall to Oywak, who had less than a second to react and catch it two-handed hands before going up the field.

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