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Position-specific football helmets have been a goal for many years among NFL health and safety experts, at least since the mid-2010s, when the league began investing in protective helmet technology in the United States. amid concerns about concussions.

The concept is simple: different positions have different types of head injuries. A quarterback is more likely to hit the back of his head on the turf, while linemen get hit in the front of their helmets, and more frequently. The NFL, if asked when helmets designed for individual positions will become available, has never signed up for a specific season, although a league executive last summer expressed hope for the 2021 campaign.

This hope seems much closer to reality now. Helmet maker Vicis unveiled the Zero2 Trench on Wednesday, a headgear designed only for offensive and defensive linemen.

“Offensive linemen wear most of the force in the front, in the front of the helmet. We are very rarely touched from the back, to the side, ”said Justin Britt, an NFL free agent lineman, who has pledged to wear the Trench if he plays next season. “This helmet, the Trench helmet, is designed to protect that, the front of the helmet and to give you extra protection. So you can go there and like I said play and go hard.

The trench passed the standards set by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Sports Equipment and won the top rating from Virginia Tech’s reputable helmet testing lab. But it still requires approval from the NFL and the NFL Players Association, which must accept every model of helmet used on an NFL field.

“We provided them… the Zero2 trench in mid-January,” said Jason Neubauer, vice president of product development at Vicis.

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