Louis Vuitton has created a football jersey that pays homage to a classic NFL uniform

The year was 2006. LaDanian Tomlinson was cutting the turf as the NFL’s most valuable player, rushing for 1,800 yards and a still-standing record 28 rushing touchdowns. Watching LT play was an unmissable opportunity that season, and making it even better was the powder blue jersey he wore throughout the year – a throwback to San Diego uniforms in the 70s.

Having savvy, the Chargers, now in Los Angeles, have kept the powder blues in their rotation ever since, but there was nothing like the team and its jerseys in those days. For proof, just look at Louis Vuitton’s new football jersey which pays homage to arguably the best of all time in the NFL.

Look closely at the lightning striped shoulders and you’ll see the French luxury house is moving away from the Chargers to the 2000s and 70s instead of today. “Vuitton” appears on both the chest and the back, while the number “00” is printed below the brand and on the shoulders. The sheer mesh will show you more skin than your league standard jersey, which means the flex doesn’t stop at how much you spent.

Go for the full cut — For a complete tonal look, Louis Vuitton also released a pair of slightly darker blue athletic shorts with side zips and its “LV” logo appearing prominently on the right leg. Completing the fit will set you back over $2,000 – but if you want the look for a fraction of the cost, you can always go for a genuine one. Back to Mitchell & Ness for $349.

Louis Vuitton channels football more with a more neutral team, long sleeve jersey with jacquard knit for $1,370. This black and gold sweater is the only football-inspired merchandise item available online at the moment, so you’ll want to check in at your local LV store if you want to purchase the unofficial Chargers gear. If you land the dusty blue jersey, you should be well on your way to getting the best fit on your Super Bowl night in a few weeks.

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