Mockup concept for the new Auburn football helmet

The Auburn football helmet has received an interesting new concept. So many teams now have alternate helmets and uniforms, is that a good idea for the Tigers?

With the exception of the facial mark color, the Auburn football helmet has remained largely unchanged since 1966, when the interlocking UA replaced the blue numbers on the side. When it comes to team uniforms as a whole, the Tigers have looked very familiar from the 1950s with the one exception being the rare use of an orange jersey.

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In today’s college football, new and exciting uniforms and helmets are all the rage.

We can thank Oregon for starting the trend of mixing and matching uniform suits every week, although Washington State was the first to launch multiple helmets when the Cougars paired a crimson road gaming helmet with their traditional silver helmet in 2000.

Recruiting drives most of the changes, which is why we see them so often on Fall Saturdays, even at traditional power stations with even more traditional uniform stories such as Oklahoma, USC, Michigan. , Ohio State and Notre Dame.

Of course, the interest in something new and different among fans and alike results in a lot of mockup concepts appearing every few months. This week, Auburn was one of over 60 schools that recently received an overhaul from Deeyung Entertainment.

The concept itself seems strange at first. Obviously, this isn’t the familiar white cover the Tigers have been wearing ever since, well, forever. It’s not even blue like most alternative Auburn football helmet mockups are.

But, in fact, it’s not that bad. Once you’ve got over the fact that the headset is different and that it’s orange, it’s a decent looking helmet. It’s just not the classic Auburn helmet we’re used to.

Still, as a traditionalist, I’m glad this helmet is just a concept. But what do you think?

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