Motorcyclists are advised to use protective equipment

Island Traffic Authority Director Kenute Hare is urging motorcyclists to ensure they wear protective gear when riding a motorbike.

Hare pointed out that the use of proper protective gear has been heavily ignored by many motorcyclists across the island.

Speaking at a recent motorcycle awareness and training program in Westmoreland, Hare said too many motorcyclists were riding motorcycles in shorts, sandals and without helmets.

“Don’t say you’re not going far, so you don’t have to carry your gear. People have died in motorcycle accidents outside their homes. If you were to meet in an accident, slippers and shorts will not protect the body from the effects of the ground,” he said.

Hare added that some motorcyclists have removed headlights and mirrors, a dangerous practice that should be discontinued.

“How do you want someone to see you when you approach without headlights? What if a vehicle were to spin out of control behind you, without the mirrors, how would you see? Put the mirrors back on to see what is happening behind you and take the necessary measures, ”he pleaded.

Motorcyclists are further advised to use correct headlights and refrain from inserting LED lights. Motorcyclists are also urged to repair faulty rear lights as soon as possible as faults can contribute to traffic accidents. trimester. 100% of motorcyclists who died during the quarter were male.

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