New to baseball? How to choose protective gear


If you were used to playing similar team sports like soccer, basketball, you might be surprised at how much equipment you have to buy and wear. But baseball is very different from other sports. This gives players enough freedom, but they can collide, get injured by bullets, etc. There is no activity that does not involve injury, and all physically active people know it. It only remains to accept it or choose another sport. Well, if you are reading this, you have made up your mind. And this choice is correct.

Baseball is a national pastime, so we believe every American citizen should give it a try. There are many opportunities for students to join this sport and play at a professional level. However, anyone can first find a coach and join an amateur team. Some students fear that they will not have enough time to devote to this activity, but no one forbids placing a paper order and have free time.

Our article is a guide for all baseball beginners. Say you have familiarized yourself with the rules and found someone to teach you. It only remains to buy equipment. We will tell you what equipment you need.

A batting helmet is basic equipment for a baseball player regardless of their position, so we decided to cover it first. The rules for wearing a helmet depend on the league, but as it is known more and more leagues require all players to wear it to protect their head. They are generally made of firm plastic. Sometimes baseball caps with plastic inserts on the inside are also supposed to protect, but helmets are more reliable. It is best to choose helmets with eye protection and other equipment that protects the face.

In general, you can play baseball in comfortable clothing, but you will change your mind as soon as you are injured. Sliding pants are more than sportswear. Some players don’t think bruises, scratches, and other soft tissue trauma are serious and make a big mistake. The less you hurt yourself, the better for you. Nothing will worry you and nothing will cripple your movement. Drawstring shorts can be worn alone or under other clothing; the choice is yours. Also, if you want to master the glide in the base, you won’t be doing it without shorts.

This item is not required by any league, but a lot of professional players tend to wear it. They primarily help receivers and hitters save their wrists from injury. The majority of models are designed this way: they start from the beginning of the wrist, cover it and extend to the middle of the forearm. Catching or throwing a ball sometimes forces players to make movements that are too abrupt. The wrist guard helps players protect bones from breaking, dislocation, and other injuries that happen quite often.

This equipment is mainly used to protect your eyes from the sun. All the guides on choosing baseball equipment mention different types of equipment, but forget about this one altogether. Even if you are wearing a baseball cap, your eyes are still exposed to sunlight. It’s easy to miss the ball if the sun blinds you. We do not recommend that you wear the sunglasses you wear in ordinary life and buy baseball sunglasses from a sports store. Remember, sunglasses protect your eyes from the ball that you might not catch.

This equipment mostly belongs to the catcher’s equipment, but people who play in other positions wear it as well. The feeling of the ball hitting your chest is not pleasant. In addition, this part of your body is rather vulnerable to trauma. Full face protectors are used not only in baseball, but also in other sports, such as lacrosse and hockey. Choose lightweight models that provide safety and allow you to move around freely.

You have probably seen this equipment on baseball players before. The legs are also vulnerable to injury. Receivers often have to fall to the ground to catch a ball, and other players are also not protected from accidental drops. A good leg protector protects your knees, ankles, feet, shins, of course, if it is properly fitted.

We hope the reasons for wearing elbow pads are already obvious to you. Players can also suddenly move and injure this joint, regardless of their position. The elbow pad ensures the correct movement of your hand. The throwers wear them on the dominant arms.

We do not recommend that you order material online and go to a specialized store. Since you are not that experienced, you should consult a professional for the appropriate size and the best model for you. There is no need to buy the most expensive equipment if you don’t plan on playing professionally. Choose economical models with a good price-performance ratio.



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