New West Michigan Football Helmet Creates Game Day Secret Before UM Game

KALAMAZOO, MI – The “Ghost Bronco” logo that has adorned West Michigan football helmets for the past eight seasons has been removed from the pasture during a college-wide rebranding this summer , leaving a lot of speculation about the appearance of the team’s lids during the 2021 campaign.

Mid-American Conference Football Media Day gives a glimpse of the new uniforms, but the helmet that made the trip – the one with black numbers on a white background – seemed more like a placeholder than a permanent option .

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The new helmets will remain a mystery, at least to the general public, until Saturday, when the Broncos enter their 116th season with a noon contest at the University of Michigan.

At the team’s weekly press conference on Wednesday, head coach Tim Lester revealed that his team’s management board had chosen a design earlier this week, but were silent on any further details, so means fans will have to see them from Michigan Stadium or on ESPN, which will be televising the game.

“We will wait until Saturday. It was a long time coming, and a lot of different people tried to figure out what would be best to move forward, and I know the players are really excited about the end product because they were such an integral part of it. ‘whole process – that’s why it took so long – and I know the guys are excited about it.

In the recent past, WMU teams have worn several color combinations of the Ghost Bronco sticker, including brown and gold, brown and white, black and gold and red, white. and blue for the Salute to Heroes party.

Lester said there will be variety in the new helmet design, so the one worn by the Broncos on Saturday won’t necessarily be the one the team will wear all season, but the model will remain the same.

“Our guys love the variety,” Lester said. “We’re going to have different things different weeks, but you know that the one we’re deploying in there is planning to be our primary design and then make a few tweaks depending on what day we’re playing, where we’re playing, what we’re doing with it. our uniforms, but that will be the main thing.

At the start of fall camp, Lester said a problem in the supply chain had delayed the arrival of the various helmet logos at Kalamazoo, but once players had a first look at the options, the decision was easy.

“All levels of the campus were involved in (the new helmet sticker), and so they had their ideas, we had options; I got all the options approved, I showed the players that they loved it, ”said Lester. “So there really wasn’t a conversation, there wasn’t any argument. It was just, ‘Here are our options. We all like them. Which do you guys like?’ And they all fell in love with the same so they’re excited.

“We didn’t show the whole team until a few days ago or yesterday, maybe. The governing board was the board that was sort of in charge of everything over the last month. “

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