NFL reveals football helmet mouth guards to prevent spread of COVID-19 – NBC Chicago

The majority of the football world got their first glimpse of a new mouthguard developed by Oakley on Monday. The shield was designed to help protect players from the COVID-19 pandemic while they are in the field.

According to ESPN, there is currently no mandate for players to wear the protective shield, but NFL medical experts are advocating its use.

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The shields have already been distributed to the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers for comment, according to the ESPN report. This report mentions that the two biggest concerns with screens so far are visibility and breathability.

More importantly, NFL engineering committee Dr Jeff Crandall told ESPN that the shields prevent the direct transmission of droplets from players’ mouths.

According to the report, Oakley tested the shields by spraying fluid particles to mimic the droplets expelled by players.

“I don’t know if there’s a direct percentage that someone is suggesting because a lab isn’t the environment on the ground, obviously,” Crandall told ESPN. “There are a lot of things players do on the courts that they don’t easily replicate. [in] laboratory, but this is a serious blockage to droplet transmission. There is no direct route through the face shield or visor for a droplet to be transmitted. “

While Oakley is the official supplier of shields to the NFL, the report mentions that players may end up with other brands that are developing similar products.

“Like everything we do, whether it’s better quality crampons or better performing helmets, it is about something safer while protecting and in many cases improving performance.” NFL Chief Medical Officer Dr. Allen Sills said. ESPN. “It’s the same mantra and the same kind of approach that we take here. I’m really happy with the way the work is progressing.

“We’re not yet at the finished product. Like most things in food safety, there really isn’t a finish line here. So we hope to keep innovating and improving as we go. But we’re excited to know where we are and excited about the potential role this can play in mitigating risk on the ground. “

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NFL reveals football helmet mouth guards to prevent the spread of COVID-19, which originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

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