Ohio law enforcement sends protective gear to Ukraine

MEIGS COUNTY, OH (WOWK) – The Ohio Army National Guard has agreed to provide an undisclosed number of M-113 armored personnel carriers, used to transport troops and equipment through the battlefields, Ukraine.

The Ohio Department of Public Safety is collecting hundreds of surplus or expired pieces of personal protective equipment that will go to members of the Ukrainian Civilian Home Defense. Governor DeWine said more than two dozen law enforcement agencies in the state have also agreed to donate unnecessary equipment.

So far, around 75 ballistic and riot helmets and 840 pieces of bulletproof vests, or vests and plates have been donated. However, that number could rise as local law enforcement officials like Meigs County Sheriff Keith Wood say they are more than willing to help.

I think it’s just a great opportunity for us to drop unnecessary things that we don’t use or items that we’ve taken out or things that they may find very essential.

Sheriff Keith Wood, Meigs County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Wood goes on to say that they are treating this dispute as if it were happening in their own backyard.

We have also spoken with several area residents and many echo the Sheriff’s words, saying this is about protecting lives.

This will protect someone who is currently under fire and needs all the protection they can get. It is a terrible thing they do to families, homes and children and especially children.

Meigs County resident Gordon Fisher

Governor DeWine encourages any agency with surplus resources to contact their local highway patrol station to arrange for the transfer of equipment. The donations will then be handed over by the non-profit organization “Fund to Aid Ukraine”.

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