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TL Photo/JD LONG The Powhatan Point Fire Department became the recipient of the $15,000 Energy Transfer First Responder Fund as the department presented the usual check Monday night at the firehouse Powhatan Fire Department. Pictured, left to right, Chris Koop, Public Affairs Specialist for Energy Transfer; Brian Schafer, COO for Energy Transfer; Fire Chief Josh Cooper; firefighter Jake Heslap; firefighter and former chief Tom Nelms; and Captain Chortney Harman.

POWHATAN POINT — Another energy company made a generous donation on behalf of Energy Transfer for $15,000, which was presented to the Powhatan Point Fire Department during a ceremony at the fire station Monday night.

According to public affairs specialist Chris Koop, ET is one of the largest pipeline companies in the United States, consisting of 114,000 miles of pipeline that crosses 41 states. The grant, which Koop says is awarded every two years, is intended to provide the PPFD with protective equipment for its first responders.

Equipment, or SCBA, stands for Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus and it doesn’t take much to eat $15,000.

A bottle lasts 45 minutes but a tank is good for 20 years of durability. PPFD was able to purchase two reservoirs and masks with two backup reservoirs.

Koop said ET has seen tremendous growth in recent years and has made it a priority by working with local first responders, such as PPFD. A plant consisting of two compressor stations is located nearby in the canton of Switzerland and Koop said one of the qualifiers for the fund is how close first responders are to their work, and PPFD fits the bill.

“I would like to thank Energy Transfer for the grant,” Cooper said, where he added that the equipment will be a “great asset to the department.”

Koop noted that when it comes to government assistance and how many fire departments are all volunteers or at least partially like PPFD, the government support effort has become “austere” and certainly no bigger. Koop said the fund was established in 2016 and not just PPFD’s proximity to ET’s factory, but the strength of their grant writing is what sealed it for them.

“They are under constant pressure to provide equipment,” he says of places like PPFD. It was then that they decided to set up this fund to help local fire departments in hopes of helping to “Communities and their success”.

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