Protective gear to protect you while you are working on your car

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Remember when you were younger and it was cool to ride a bike without a helmet? Or skate that rail without knee pads? Well, it’s time to grow up now; safety equipment can save your life, especially in the garage.

Countless horrific injuries occur every day in garages for professional and amateur mechanics, many of which are preventable with the right personal protective equipment (PPE). That’s why we strongly recommend that every garage has this equipment ready for use whenever needed.

Safety gear can prevent a simple exhaust job from turning into a breathtaking hospital trip. From work gloves to fire extinguishers, here are some top-notch safety gear to use the next time you work on your car.

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Protective glasses

A good pair of safety glasses is essential for anyone handling. Protect your exposed eyes from flying debris, metal flakes and liquids. These glasses are also anti-fog and scratch resistant.

Protection’s mask

If you plan to cut or grind, a face shield is a must. Cutting wheels and grinders can shatter, leaving shards of high hospital bills on the user’s face. This sturdy face shield will protect you from unwanted flying debris.

Welding helmet

This is a fantastic entry level welding helmet for small jobs. Trying to fuse two pieces of metal without one is going to literally fry your eyes, you don’t want to. Protect them with this auto-darkening helmet from YESWELDER.


What’s the point of working on a car if you can’t hear it rip through the freeway? These earmuffs protect your hearing for hours with their comfortable foam padding.

Heavy duty work gloves

A good pair of work gloves is essential. These synthetic leather gloves feature impact protection to protect your joints when you slip off a bolt. They also offer vibration reduction, which will prevent your hands from feeling tingling after using air tools.

Buy Coat

Embrace your mechanic / mad scientist side with this sturdy store coat. It provides an extra layer of protection against dirt, metal chips and grease. Pockets keep important tools close at hand and provide a safe place for that pesky 10mm socket.

BC approved fire extinguisher

You will need a specially designed fire extinguisher for your garage. Look for one with a “B and C” rating that will tackle both flammable liquids and electrical fires, like this product. It might be a good idea to have two on hand.

First aid kit

An all-purpose first aid kit is essential for any type of injury occurring in the garage. This particular kit includes 348 pieces, ranging from bandages, gauze and antiseptics. The sturdy case lets you take it anywhere.

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