Purple and gold epaulettes become a centerpiece for former Super Bowl LV Tigers

BATON ROUGE – Super Bowl LV will feature six LSU Tigers. A closer look at what’s going on shows you just how hard these guys assume in the Big Game.

“I don’t know of any LSU player who doesn’t play in the LSU pads,” said Tigers legend Jacob Hester.

The LSU Gear Office is a gallery of gear featuring hundreds of shoulder pads, each special and unique to its player.

LSU Equipment Director Greg Stringfellow said the guys’ meticulous adjustment process makes these pads the most comfortable piece of equipment the player has.

“The purple and gold stamp is something we’ve been doing for a long time.” Stringfellow explained. “We’re trying to make the pads fit the guy to his body.”

And that perfect fit goes a long way.

In 2018, Leonard Fournette was full of praise for favoring his purple and gold pads over those given to him by the NFL.

“I feel more comfortable in my varsity towels, you know. NFL towels are sometimes too large too heavy too big,” Fournette explained.

Comfort is great, but Stringfellow takes it one step further. Each player has the opportunity to return their electrodes to LSU and have them reconditioned.

“Maybe one of the buckles, or maybe one of the screws or something, is loosening and it’s just not right,” Hester said. “They’ll actually repackage those pads for you and send them back to you.”

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