Retired military leaders to help provide protective gear to war-stricken Ukraine | world news

A group of retired military leaders from the United States, Canada and the Netherlands will advise a pro-Ukrainian campaign on purchasing protective equipment for Ukraine’s defense forces, a nonprofit group said on Tuesday. for-profit based in Canada.

The panel of four includes former commander of US forces in Afghanistan David Petraeus, former NATO commander Wesley Clark as well as former Dutch defense chief Dick Lodewijk Berlijn, according to the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC).

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The committee, which is expected to grow, is chaired by retired Canadian Chief of Defense Staff, Rick Hillier.

It would focus on helping to supply Ukraine’s Territorial Defense Force with protective gear, such as helmets, body armor, ballistic goggles and medical kits, UWC said in a statement. .

“If we can help them get (the Ukrainian Defense Forces) the equipment from the West…we can help them win this war,” Hillier told a news conference.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, in what it calls a ‘special military operation’ to ensure its own security, has triggered broad sanctions against Moscow and rallied the West to support Ukraine with military and humanitarian aid.

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The UWC campaign has so far raised funds to find and deliver $24 million worth of protective gear, including the largest non-government delivery of Israeli bandages, which are used to stop bleeding from wounds trauma, and gas masks.

The group, which represents Ukrainians around the world, has also sought judicial review of the Canadian government’s decision to return a turbine needed for the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline to Germany.

Canada has one of the largest Ukrainian diasporas in the world outside of countries bordering Ukraine and the community has successfully lobbied Ottawa to impose increasingly strict sanctions against Russia.

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