Share, crop tops and shoulder pads are the main fashion trends on the catwalks of Milan.

Milano: The Fall/Winter 2022-2023 women’s fashion shows conclude on Monday at Milan Fashion Week, with its six days giving an idea of ​​major industry trends over the coming months.

The return of suspenders, which were the star of the 20th century, was first noticed. These pillows were featured in most fashion shows of the week in Milan, and their size seemed exaggerated and too large.

Dolce & Gabbana also presented the wearer with a collection of high-waisted dresses. There were double-breasted dresses in charcoal black or jackets ranging from orange, fuchsia and canary yellow.

And the “Versace” race, in light blue and pink, combined with tight shirts, with long oversized coats with a wide width between the shoulders, accentuating the contrast.

According to Prada, he introduced large black dresses with wide shoulders that free the chains around the neck.

There was a trend for see-through costumes at weekend shows in Milan.

The house “Fendi” is designed in chiffon skirts, in shades of pink, apricot and mint, leaving a little room for imagination.

The No. 21m has established itself in the brand’s collection, while the “philosopher” designer Lorenzo Serafini has opted for round-neck shirts with prominent suspenders.

Missoni recreated its famous zigzag pattern on shiny lurex in shiny dresses and long jackets. Prada in its creations, adorned with leather or gray wool trimmings, showed the legs through the fine silk and the short skirts that ended below the knee.

Pottega Venetta also embellished sheer, sheer garments with split sequins.

The fashions exhibited in Milan showed the magnitude of the thirst for designs that provide a feeling of comfort to the wearer. .

Versace opted for a bright red buffer coat with a belt, while Philip Blein adopted the same recipe for a cropped bomber. According to the Italian “Diesels” who are strong in the jeans industry, women wrap themselves in very wide dresses in multiple colors such as old pink and avocado green.

Potteka Venetta did not hesitate to offer a tight dress in teddy leather, with a very precise cut.

And Dolce and Gabbana presented a warm, curly black and white faux fur coat. Her collection is crowned with a cocoon-style coat painted black that turns into a sleeping bag in an instant.

Among the most important models that prevail on the Milanese platforms are the short sleeves that look more like swimsuits than regular shirts. These shirts show every detail of the body except for a strategic part of the torso. Along with these shorts, Mizoni provided the shiny pants and the diesel ripped jeans.

The designs also include a bosom ring, for example, one of the black woods that singer and designer Rihanna wore at the “Gucci” show, showing off her belly when she was pregnant.

According to Roberto Cavalli, the chest is in mustard or emerald mohair, with wide skirts or pants. And attached to the body of designer Fausto Buglisi’s black “dresses-cages”, in which metal rings were added to the short strips of fabric on the chest.

There is another trend that has appeared in Milan, but it is not suitable for everyone, rather it is directed towards a limited group, which applies to integrated cases, that is to say the upper and lower, and even to shoes.

Roberto Cavalli reveals this trend in particular with his signature leopard print matching the skin texture.

Etro opted for crochet, while Blumarine offered a red version with long sleeves.

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