Shiv Sena led BMC posts photo of manual scavenger without protective gear after approving Rs 15 cr for servicing Aditya Thackeray penguins

The Shiv Sena ruled that the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) found itself in controversy after responding to a citizen complaint with the photo of a BMC employee engaged in manual cleaning, which is banned in India.

BMC was responding to a citizen who had filed a complaint on Twitter, claiming that sewage was flowing in the streets of Saki Naka. “Sandas water is flowing, near sai siddhi medical near sharma school..90 feet road, manishabar, m.72,” Ajay Rajak said on Twitter.

In response, the BMC responded with a photo of a worker removing human waste with his bare hands. The worker was seen rummaging in a manhole without wearing protective gear, putting his health at risk.

Several netizens posed questions and tweeted at BMC, asking why this worker had not received protective equipment and why, after the court specifically removed the civic body to end the manual clean-up, the civic body in he was promoting.

“Why is manual cleaning not eradicated despite a court decision,” asked a user.

“We haven’t reached anywhere,” said another.

Another said that without any machines or protective gear, this man was asked to become a machine for cleaning up human waste. “This is a human rights violation and we are sharing photos on Twitter,” he said.

“The wealthiest municipal body in the wealthiest state cannot provide protective gear for its workers and shamelessly promote manual cleaning on social media,” another netizen said.

It is relevant to note that BMC is the richest civic body in the country. For the year 2021-2022, the BMC budget was Rs 39,039 crores.

In the surplus budget of 11.51 crore, the civic body expects income of Rs 27,811.57 crore from various sources including property tax, water and sewer charges, compensation in lieu of grant and PD fees, which is Rs 636 crore less compared to the Rs 22,448 crore estimated revenue for fiscal year 20-21.

The civic body increased its budget allocation for health care to Rs 4,728 crore from Rs 4,220 crore in fiscal year 20-21.

Not only is BMC’s budget substantial, it was also recently reported that BMC’s FD reserves have jumped to Rs 82,410 crore. The reserve of Rs 82,410 crore is present in 343 separate FD in private and public banks. According to the daily, BMC earns around 1,800 crore of interest per year on term deposits.

While being the richest civic body, Internet users regretted having completely ignored their workers, not only putting their lives in danger, but imperceptibly posting their photos on Twitter.

In September, the Bombay High Court overthrew the government of Maharashtra after the deaths of several manual scavengers. The court ordered the government to pay compensation of Rs 10 lakh to each worker who died in 2019. In addition, the court observed that despite “strict legislative intent” in accordance with the ban on employment as a manual waste pickers and their 2013 Rehabilitation Act. the “shameful practice continues” and the same should “shock the collective conscience of society”.

BMC Authorizes Rs 15 Crore Offer To Service Penguins Brought By Aaditya Thackeray

While the BMC, the richest civic body, does not appear to have the resources to provide protective equipment to its workers, on November 29, the civic body approved a proposal of Rs 15 crore for three years to maintenance of penguin habitat at Byculla Zoo. . The penguins, owned by the Mumbai Zoo, were brought in from Seoul, South Korea in July 2016 by the current Minister of Tourism and Environment in the Government of Maharashtra, Aaditya Thackeray for Rs. 2.5 crores.

The proposal, the outlet said, was approved by a panel led by Shiv Sena, despite BJP’s opposition to the spending, saying the cost of maintenance was too high and alleged irregularities in awarding the contract to companies. tainted. Interestingly, the proposal to spend the huge sum to recreate a natural habitat from the penguins was not only opposed by the BJP, but also by the allied Congress of Shiv Sena. Congress had criticized BMC for the tender valued at Rs. 15 crore +, calling the project a waste of money.

Meanwhile, justifying its decision to sanction the considerable sum for the maintenance of the penguin habitat, BMC claimed that after the arrival of the penguins in 2017, the zoo’s income increased by Rs 12.26 crore. Visitors increased by around 30% after the penguin exhibit opened in March 2017, while revenues soared nearly 500% after the BMC dramatically increased ticket prices to entered the same year.

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