Shoulders, good energy and not landing on the ‘Greyhound Express’ – The Athletic

NEW YORK – JC Price may be Virginia Tech’s interim coach, responsible for only his third game, but he’s done plenty of bowls and playoff games over his career, so he knows when to press. gas and when to relax in preparation.

“I had three great guys and I thought about how we’re going to structure it: it was Frank Beamer, Mickey Matthews and Doc Holliday,” Price said. “The whole structure and the way we do the practice was based on my past experiences. The things we did, the way we trained, the time we spent, and the way we did this work are directly related to the lessons I learned from these three men.

Hence Sunday’s short, sweet practice at Columbia University’s Wien Stadium ahead of Wednesday’s Pinstripe Bowl against Maryland, a practice that likely lasted about an hour and 15 minutes. Tech had been out since his last training session on December 22.

“That’s why we wore epaulettes today,” Price said. “It was good. I thought they had good energy. They rebounded. They practiced well. We were in the pads today and did inside the period and we followed it a bit. and removed the rust, then we will have normal “Thursday” training tomorrow.

So far, the game has had no complications, unlike some of the ACC counterparts. Boston College had to withdraw from the Military Bowl and Virginia from the Fenway Bowl due to COVID-19 issues. The Gator Bowl opponent from Wake Forest, Texas A&M, had to retire, replaced by Rutgers. It was far from Price’s mind on Sunday, however.

“I am worried about one game: our game,” he said. “We’re going to control what we can control. I can’t control what happens in other boules games.

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