Springfield Tactical Supply Store is experiencing increased demand for protective gear; bulletproof vest out of stock for months

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – People looking to stock up on protective gear may have trouble finding bulletproof vests or other bulletproof vests here in Springfield.

Anchor Tactical Supply says there is a major shortage of bulletproof vests.

“It always seems to sell out every time we get it,” says employee Colin Loderhose.

Loderhose says the store has seen increased sales of bulletproof vests and plates. He says there was a big increase in March and it hasn’t been on sale since. But the interest continues to grow.

“We have ordered bulletproof vests since April of last year and nothing has happened,” says Loderhose.

He says the store doesn’t know when it will be out of stock.

“Back orders are even older and we’re looking at well over a year before we see bulletproof vests stored on shelves like they did back then,” Loderhose said.

Anchor Tactical Supply has the mounts in stock for the plate, but the store says without the armor plates themselves the product offers no real protection. He says the armor people are most interested in weighs between eight and 20 pounds.

“They’re easier to put on,” Loderhose explains. “If something bad starts to happen you can easily throw one in and you’ve got some armor that will stop rifle or handgun shells.”

Loderhose says most customers looking to purchase bulletproof vests do so out of fear due to the coronavirus pandemic or the political climate.

“People buy this stuff for their own protection,” Loderhose says. “I don’t think they’re buying it because they’re crazy. I don’t think they buy it because they think there is going to be a civil war. I think they buy it just to have and not to need versus to need and not to have.

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