The 5 best high school football helmet designs in South Sound


We could all have a little fun right now, which is why when Lincoln High School football coach Masaki Matsumoto was asked to run a statewide helmet design survey on Twitter, he jumped at the chance.

Over the past week, Matsumoto has compiled design photos of helmets from schools across the state, across all classifications, randomized them in parentheses, and now allows Twitter users to vote for their favorites. . The winner will take part in a national competition, where the country’s best high school football helmet will be determined via a Twitter poll.

“I thought it would be a good way to put Washington a little more on the map, to give programs a chance to mark their helmets and their program,” Matsumoto said. “As I started posting more teams, it kind of picked up steam and went viral.”

There are 96 teams in the bracket. Voting began on Thursday, with each of the four carriers having a 24-hour voting block.

“Some people are really going for it,” Matsumoto said. “There’s probably not much going on right now. Anything that keeps you competitive and light is good for everyone.

Follow Matsumoto on Twitter to vote for the best helmet in the state. Voting will end at the end of the month.

The project got us here at The News Tribune to reflect on some of the best high school football helmet designs in this region. TNT sports reporters Jon Manley, Lauren Smith and Jordan Whitford have spent the last few days deliberating and choosing the best of the best. Here are our five favorite South Sound high school football helmets.

5. Peninsula

Peninsula faced Yelm in a football game at Roy Anderson Field in Purdy, Wash. On Friday, October 18, 2019. Joshua Bessex [email protected]

Manley: The Seahawks have used the traditional “P” logo, as well as winged logos in recent years. Any of them work, with Peninsula’s simple and clean green and white color scheme.

Black-smith: Peninsula is another school in South Sound that has a solid color palette to work with. The green face shield and white helmet base contrast well and definitely provide a Pacific Northwest vibe. The fenders are also a nice touch for the Seahawks.

Whitford: The “11 as 1” label is a real asset because it reflects the Seahawks philosophy on how they play the game. Helmets emblazoned with the classic “P” give it a simple yet intimidating look.

4. Catholic Kennedy

Kennedy Catholic’s Sam Huard (7) throws a pass in the first quarter. Kennedy Catholic performed at the Bethel during a high school football game at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, Washington on Friday, September 6, 2019. Joshua Bessex [email protected]

Manley: The all red, which extends all the way to the face mask, really shines and demands attention. Kennedy also nailed it with the logo.

Black-smith: The metallic red base with the matching red face shield is eye-catching, and the Lancers’ detailed logo is arguably one of the sharpest in the state.

Whitford: The red of the Lancers’ helmet really stands out against the green pitch, and the matte finish just makes it very clean. Pair it with the Lancer logo on the side and it represents a team ready to go into battle.

3. Lakes

Lakes (1) .jpg
Lakes sophomore Devon Nofoa-Masoe (left) dances with teammate Jaydon McMillon during soccer practice at Lake High School in Lakewood on October 1, 2019. Tony Overman [email protected]

Manley: The orange and blue of the Lancers are truly vibrant and the color scheme is instantly recognizable with the lakes. The font is clean and does not try to be unnecessarily complicated or overly complex.

Black-smith: Lakes is one of the few schools in the state that uses orange as its primary color, and the Lancers do it well. The school name written in orange, with the orange stripe in the center, jumps out from the base of the white helmet. This helmet looks particularly stylish when the Lancers opt for the all-orange uniforms.

Whitford: Lakes’ helmet has a very simple color scheme, but it challenges opponents to always remember who they are up against. It’s a bit like the Florida Gators, but the Lancers make it their own.

2. Tumwater

Tumwater 2.jpg
Tumwater defenders Max Henry (55) and Ryan Otton celebrate the recovery of Gaven Murphy’s fumble at the start of Saturday’s 2A State Quarter-Final soccer game against Archbishop Murphy at the District Stadium in Tumwater on November 23, 2019. Tony Overman [email protected]

Manley: Like Tumwater’s long-standing Wing-T offense, the classics are sometimes the best. Everything about the helmet has an old-fashioned feel, from the color scheme to the “T-Birds” script font. Opponents know that when they face Tumwater, they face a rich tradition of winning.

Black-smith: A chic script for a chic program. The Great Green Machine has been wearing these helmets for decades – yellow with T-Birds written in cursive green – and they have stood the test of time, pairing well with Tumwater’s green and white jerseys.

Whitford: There is something timeless about the T-Birds helmet. The yellow and green are reminiscent of the legendary Green Bay Packers franchise, and the “T-Birds” script is a nice extra touch.

1. Lincoln


Manley: The ‘LA’ design is a bit of a derivative, but black and gold is a great color scheme and the helmets have a menacing look. The ‘253’ on the back of the helmet is a nice nod to Tacoma.

Black-smith: You see the area code appearing all over the South Sound – on car stickers, t-shirts, hats, and more. – and the Abes joined in this local pride by stamping 253 in yellow on the back of their black helmets. It’s a cool nod to the area by the Tacoma School.

Whitford: The simple matte black helmet with gold accents gives the Abes helmet a crisp look. On the back, the “253” sticker subtly reminds opponents that they are chasing Tacoma.

Jon Manley covers high school sports for The News Tribune. McClatchy President’s Award winner and Gonzaga University graduate, Manley has covered the South Sound sports scene since 2013. Born and raised in Tacoma.


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