The mockup concept The Georgia Football Helmet is bold, but is it good?

The Georgia football helmet has a cool new design, along with many other teams.

Alternate uniforms, third jerseys, and special-edition apparel have become all the rage in all sports, even in the traditionalist realm of college football. Recently, Deeyung Entertainment, which newly designed concept helmets for all 32 NFL teamshas now branched out into college football helmets.

Check out the fictional concept models for the college teams herebut in the meantime, you can check out Georgia’s right here.

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What to love? Well, it’s very bold and bright, as are most of the designs that Deeyung does. There’s definitely a modern feel to it, with a very creative use of Georgia’s all-new mascot logo.

But I’m a traditionalist when it comes to college football, and especially our Dawgs. I didn’t like the Nike Combat plains the Bulldogs wore in their embarrassing loss to Boise State in 2011, and I’m not very supportive of the new logos used.

We are not from Oregon. We don’t have Nike in our backyard as a benefactor. Give me the Power-G and the silver panties any day of the week. Hell, I’d even like to see the old detachable jerseys make a comeback (never happened, I know).

There’s a lot to be said for keeping things simple, and while helmet designs like these may be stunning at first, they’re not who we are, and I’m happy for that little detail.

Luckily for us, it’s just a concept design.

What are your thoughts?


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