Trojans put on shoulder pads for Monday training beat reporters Hunting rifle and Keely Eure have the news and notes following USC’s third practice of its 2021 fall camp. The Trojans stepped forward Monday and donned epaulettes for the first time in August. It was also the first time that coaches and defensive players were made available to members of the media.

Todd Orlando is in his second season as defensive coordinator for USC, but is enjoying a full football season in Southern California for the first time. He highlighted on Monday how spring camp and summer conditioning are impacting so far this fall compared to the 2020 season.

“Well, it’s different because we had spring football. So a lot of things that we had to teach culturally are different,” Orlando said on Monday. “I think it’s really different [with] which coach [Robert] Stiner has been doing the past few weeks. So once you have a little shield in your body, a little more muscle, faster, you have a little more confidence in yourself.

“And you go out onto the pitch, all these things that we might ask you to do in terms of exerting football or being super physical, sometimes the body doesn’t fit that way and the mind will tell them:” Hey, we don’t do that. But right now, because they’re, you know, they’ve done such a great job in the weight room and they feel like they can go on all day. And that’s the difference, it really is. You get a full cycle of weightlifting and you get a full cycle of spring football, then come back and resume weightlifting. And now we are here at this place. It’s different, very different. “

For a more detailed perspective on USC practice, see Chris Treviño’s Ghost Notes on The Peristyle (VIP members only).

Media availability of defensive coordinator Todd Orlando:

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