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SEATTLE, February 17, 2021 / PRNewswire / – VICIS, leader in head protection technology, today introduced the ZERO2 TRENCH, the first football helmet designed exclusively to protect linemen where they need it most. Built on the newly launched ZERO2 headset platform, the TRENCH has been optimized to meet the unique needs of offensive and defensive linemen, resulting in the most sophisticated headset in gaming history.

Based on a review of impact data from previous players, VICIS found that linemen typically experience more than twice as much impact as other players, the majority of whom are low speed and up front. of the helmet. Based on these data, the TRENCH helmet has been designed with an additional offset in the frontal region, specially designed for low speed impacts. To complete this optimization, VICIS took advantage of the combination of a deformable outer shell and an impact structure designed to create a helmet that is truly game-changing.

During development, VICIS engineers discovered that the ZERO2’s current deformable outer shell formed a perfect outer surface, allowing the entire helmet system to deform and absorb impacts at low speeds more effectively than a rigid surface. And as the RFLX impact structure inside the ZERO2 has not been optimized for the new TRENCH system, VICIS designed and developed a proprietary absorption system with much lower initial stiffness to handle repetitive impact. associated with each click. The result is an innovative new structure that can reduce accelerations from smaller impacts.

“When you’re on the line, every snap is a battle. Linemen are the only players affected in every game, so it never made a lot of sense to wear a helmet that wasn’t designed specifically for the trenches. ” noted Justin britt, a six-year-old starter for the Seattle Seahawks who played guard, tackle and center. “I’ve been wearing a VICIS helmet since 2017 to protect myself while protecting the quarterback, and I can’t wait to wear the ZERO2 TRENCH next season.”

Earlier this year, VICIS launched the ZERO2, the revolutionary new helmet from the engineering team behind the revolutionary ZERO1. The ZERO2 served as the basis for the TRENCH, which offers the same comfort, fit and performance that players expect from a VICIS helmet, optimized for the specific needs of offensive and defensive linemen.

At launch, the ZERO2 received the highest available rating of “5 STARS” by the Virginia Tech University Helmet Lab’s STAR HELMET RATING SYSTEM. Following the latest tests, the TRENCH surpassed the ZERO2 in the rankings, obtaining the highest score of the 26 helmets tested.

“As gamers continue to be bigger, faster and stronger, most of the evolution of helmets in recent years has focused on mitigating impacts at high speeds. However, since these high speed impacts are less numerous than the low and repetitive impacts, VICIS saw an opportunity to further protect the athlete, ”said Jason neubauer, Vice President of Product Development, VICIS. “Knowing that there are more linemen in the field than any other job, they were a natural starting point for our first job specific helmet.

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Founded in 2013, VICIS’s mission is to minimize the impact of sports-related head injuries. A holding company of Certor Sports, LLC (“Certor Sports”), VICIS is the leader in head protection technology and has been named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies. VICIS football helmets have consistently ranked first in the NFL / NFLPA helmet performance tests and Virginia Tech Performance tests and the flagship ZERO1 helmet were named one of TIME magazine’s 25 best inventions.


Certor Sports is a North American sporting goods manufacturer with a comprehensive patent portfolio doing business under various brands including VICIS, Schutt Sports, ProGear, Tucci Bats, Hollywood Bases and Adams. United States among others. Certor Sports is fully owned by funds managed by Innovatus Capital Partners, LLC ( a new York registered investment advisor and portfolio management company with more than $ 1.5B under management.

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