Xbox launches $ 1,000 Master Chief-inspired football helmet

Xbox is working with Riddel to launch a limited edition football helmet inspired by the iconic armor design of Halo’s Master Chief.


For more than 20 years, Halo has been one of the dominant franchises in the video game landscape. In a year already full of special merchandise, Xbox has teamed up with Riddel to create a limited edition Halo football helmet inspired by none other than Master Chief.

It’s Xbox’s 20th anniversary and Halo, and to celebrate, a litany of exclusive articles has been released. Long before Infinite halodebuted, Xbox released a range of special 20th anniversary gear, some of which prioritize Xbox iconography, others incorporating Halo graphics too. Halo has specifically seen many neat collaborations like Swarovski crystals that resemble Master Chief and a power sword, and a limited edition Master Chief Lakers jersey. One of the coolest items available is probably the Nerf replica of the Halo Needler, looks like it was ripped straight from one of the games (aside from the dart slots at the end).


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Xbox unveiled a new exclusive piece Halo merchandise, a football helmet inspired by Riddel’s Master Chief. The news comes from a recent article on Xbox Wire by James Monosmith, senior director of sales and marketing for Xbox Consumer Products, who discusses the interesting collaboration between Xbox and Riddel. “To celebrate the iconic helmet and the launch of Infinite halo, Riddell and Xbox have teamed up to create a limited production, Master Chief-inspired commemorative helmet to celebrate the game’s recent launch, ”writes Monosmith. Riddell Sports is a leading manufacturer of football head protectors.

master chef football helmet

The helmet draws heavily on Master Chief’s armor and helmet. From the large “117” text on the side of the helmet, to the plasma-damaged green paint, and the Oakley Pro Shield eye protection that looks like Master Chief’s golden visor, this isn’t quite the Mjolnir armor. from Master Chief, but that’s the next best thing. This helmet is available for purchase in limited quantities from Riddell for $ 1,000, and can be won through the Halo Gear raffle currently taking place on Twitter. Those looking to get this headset should know that “the Master Chief inspired headset is for display only and is not designed or intended for actual gaming or use,” as Monosmith states.

This commemorative coin Halo The merchandise is perhaps one of the most fascinating collaborations Xbox has ever made. It sits in a strange middle area like a room directly inspired by Halo, but is also not a direct memory in the same way other merchandise has been. For example, Rockstar Energy Drink released a Master Chief helmet that featured the exclusive Halo Infinite artwork from a recent promotion for the game. You don’t have to be a football fan to go after that. Halo headphones, but it certainly makes more sense if they were.

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Source: Xbox Wire

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